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Freesia Mix Flower Bulbs

  • Freesia Mix Flower Bulbs



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10 Bulbs per Bag

Guaranteed to delight!
Elegantly formed fragrant flowers in an array of brilliant colors that can be planted indoors or out. A favorite of florists!

If you're a gardener that loves color and lots of it, this mix will bring a smile to your face. Good, clear shades, a nice balanced mix, easy to plant and grow bloomers, and scent that will make that irritating woman who works next to you recede into the far distance. Plant these for beauty, fragrance and an improved perspective on life.

Exposure : Full sun to light shade
Hardiness: Zones 9-11 outside; elsewhere can be forced indoors under strong light for winter bloom
Height: 18-24"
Color: White, pink, blue, yellow and bicolor, all very fragrant
Bloom Season: Spring
Bulb/Plant Size: 6+ cm
Number: 25 bulbs