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Urban Farmer uses recycled magazines to package all of it's seeds.  Our eco-friendly seed packets are made using old magazines and catalogs that would otherwise go to a landfill.  We separate these catalogs by paper strength and size and then turn them into seed packets for our seeds!

Urban Farmer Seed  

Our seed packets had been made entirely by hand until recently when demand exceeded what are hands could produce. We now use a machine to shape and glue the packets together. We do however still hand fill every single packet of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds we sell. We normally make seed packets the same day we receive the order! This gives you the freshest, best germinating seeds ready for you to plant.

Every seed packet has a story! Customers love receiving our seed packets and looking at the stories and pictures on each packet. Every seed packet is unique and made from old magazines from local libraries in Indianapolis, Indiana. We try hard to screen possible offensive images and words but cannot stop everything. We try to pick the safest magazines with non-offensive material. So if you can see it in a library, you will probably see it on our seed packets.

Here are some of our company favorites that may show up in your order!

Seed PacketsSeed Packets
Seed Packets
Seed Packets
Seed Packets
Seed Packets

These are examples of how our seed packets arrive to us after going through the seed packet machine. Once we get them like this, we then hand fill with seeds and close shut with labels. Our seeds are stored in air tight, climate controlled containers until your order is received. We then fill each seed packet with seeds right before they are sent out!