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Echinacea (coneflower) plants are beautiful, care-free, heavy bloomers from summer to fall. One of the easiest flowers to grow from seed these flowers are drought resistant and long lasting. Beautiful cut flowers that can be brought indoors.
White Swan Coneflower Seeds


The White Swan has pure white petals with an orange-brown disk.

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Pale Purple Coneflower Seeds


Pale Purple Coneflower blooms in early summer before most other flowers. The coneflower is loved for its nectar by hummingbirds and butterflies.

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Bravado Coneflower Seeds


One of the most popular wildflowers, Bravado Coneflower has rosy pink petals with golden-brown disks.

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Yellow Coneflower Seeds


Yellow Coneflower is visited by nectar seeking butterflies in June and small seed eating birds in the fall.

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Purple Coneflower Seeds




One of the most popular wildflowers, Purple Coneflower is native to the Midwest and Southeast, and naturalized throughout the Northeast.

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PowWow Wild Berry Echinacea Plant


Unique, intense rose flowers with dark rose centers. 2010 All-American Selection Award.

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White Swan Echinacea Plant



White Swan is a daisy-like flower that has a coppery cone center surrounded by drooping snow white petals.