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Urban Farmer
Urban Farmer
One of the most popular home garden flowers. Great for cutting!
Dismal River
Dismal River
Dismal River
Dismal River
Urban Farmer

A beautiful mix of yellows, reds and oranges that can all be eaten.

An American classic with great scent and vibrant colors. 

Easy Annual Seeds

By nature, some seeds are easy to grow from seed then others. Some flower seeds are so small that you can barely seed them. Others must be started indoors months before they can be transplanted outside. That's why we put together a list of some easy annual flowers that are easy to grow for anyone.
All of these seeds can be planted directly outdoors and be left alone. They may need the occasional watering but other than that these annuals will need little care.

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Mammoth Sunflowers

A tall sunflower plant with massive flower heads.

Autumn Beauty Sunflower

Autumn Beauty
A stunning mixture of bright warm colored sunflowers.
Sunspot Sunflower

An easy to grow dwarf sunflower with giant heads.
Sunflower All Mix

All Sorts Mix
A beautiful blend of 7 popular sunflower varieties.
Lemon Queen Sunflower Seed

Lemon Queen
A very beautiful sunflower with lemonade color pedals.
Velvet Queen Sunflower Seed

Velvet Queen
Has large 8" blooms of rich burgundy pedals.
Marigold Petite Mix

Petite Mix
A top-notch, dependable flower for short season gardens.
Marigold Crackerjack

Large blooms on tall stems with vibrant colors.
Dwarf Jewel Mix

Dwarf Jewel Mix
Very vibrant and beautiful flower that stand out in any garden.
Morning Glory Heavenly Blue Flowers

Heavenly Blue
Radiant blue flowers with cherry white throats.
Morning GLory Tall Mix Flowers

Tall Mixed
Great looking flower that's super easy to grow.
Morning Glory Crimson Rambler

Crimson Rambler
Useful dense vines can grow up to 15 feet long!
Bachelor Button Polka Dot Mix

Polka Dot Mix
Ruffled, tufted, double flowers come in a variety of brilliant colors.
Bachelor Button Blue

Dazzling sky blue flowers that are drought resistant.
Cosmo Sensation Mix

Sensation Mix
Large flower plants make a bold, beautiful statement.
Cosmos Bright Lights

Bright Lights
Few plants grow as rapidly as these colorful cosmos.
Sweet Pea Old Spice

Old Spice
These beautiful climbers smell even better than they look.
Zinnia California Giants

California Giants
(Best Seller)
Offers a full spectrum of large colorful flowers.

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