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Tomato Seeds and Plants

San Marzano Tomato Seeds
San Marzano
(Organic) Known as the greatest sauce tomato of all-time.

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
Cherokee Purple
Great producer of small cherry sized tomatoes! Great for salads.

Mater Sandwich Tomatoes
(Organic) A large, slightly flattened tomato perfect for sandwiches!

Select Your Tomato Type
Midseason, Midsize
These midseason tomatoes are the perfect size with great flavor. 

These old-time favorites have proven taste and quality.

Bite-sized, delicious little cherry tomatoes bursting with flavor.
Use these tomatoes to make great tasting paste for your meals.
Early Ripening
These fast maturing tomatoes will give you an early harvest.
The most popular and largest tomato variety for the home garden.
Unusual Color
An unusual tomato collection of terrific colors.

Urban Farmer tomato seeds and plants are guaranteed to grow and taste great! Select from the solid and meaty beefsteak tomato, the tiny and tasty cherry tomato, the traditional heirloom tomato, and the mid-season, mid-size tomato. Tomatoes are among the most popular vegetable in the home garden for its tasty fruits and high yields.

Veggie Cage
Veggie Cage
A great tomato support that is a tomato cage and tomato stake all in one. The Veggie Cage provides a no-hassle support for your vining vegetables and other support-loving plants.

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Park's Whopper Improved

Park's Whopper
Best Seller
The standard for taste, size, and production.
SunSugar Tomato Seeds

A vigorous cherry tomato with high Vitamin A fruits.

Park's Beefy Boy Hybrid

Park's Beefy Boy
A sweet and hardy beefsteak. Enhanced flavor and extra large tomatoes.
Cherry Tomatoes

(Cherry,Organic) A high yielding cherry tomato plant with a juicy inside.
Juliet Tomatoes

Juliet Hybrid
(Cherry) Produces grape like clusters of elongated, sweet flavored tomatoes.
Sub Arctic Plenty Tomatoes

Sub Arctic Plenty
(Heirloom) A fast growing tomato that is great for hanging baskets.

Burpee's Big Boy Tomatoes

Burpee's Big Boy
Melt in your mouth, compact and fact growing tomato plants.
Seedless Tomato

Sweet Seedless
The first seedless tomato for home gardens. Sweet and tender!
Early Doll Tomato

Early Doll
A very fast maturing tomato that is great for northern climates.
Early Girl Tomato Seeds

Early Girl
A fast maturing, large fruit bush tomato.
Siberian Tomato Seeds

A fast maturing tomato great for cooler climates and short growing seasons.
Early Cascade Tomato Seeds

An excellent salad tomato. Early maturing, great tasting clusters of tomatoes.