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Daylilly Stella Flower Bulbs

  • Daylilly Stella Flower Bulbs



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4 Bulbs per Bag

Our most popular flower bulb for its vibrant color and smell!
Stella is an early starter, blooming around early spring and will flower all summer long and even into the fall if cared for properly. In fact, her ability to re-flower over a long period, along with her adaptability to a wide range of planting zones and conditions, makes Stella de Oro daylily the most popular of all daylilies.

Place the bulbs 20 inches apart and 2" inches deep. Day lily bulbs need a sunny location with plenty of moisture. Plant bulbs in groups. They do not mind crowding, and look their best when in bloom in a large, close together patch of bright colors. Day Lilies require little attention. Fertilizer is not needed, except in the poorest of soils. They thrive in most regions of the U.S., and do not require winter protection. Once established, they will thrive and grow year after year.