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Becky Daisy Plant



Popular perennial with coarse, leathery leaves and large white single blooms that are attractive to butterflies.

Crazy Daisy Seeds


One of the most popular perennial flowers around. Sow in February for a summer and fall bloom. Ideal for borders are even containers.

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Gloriosa Daisy Seeds


An exceptional cut flower that can last weeks inside. The Gloriosa Daisy flower burst forth in shades of brick red that turns to golden orange-yellow.

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Painted Daisy Seeds




Bushy annuals that produce plenty of daisies in early summer! Long flower stems make this an excellent cut flower.

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Shasta Daisy Seeds


Shasta Daisy is a favorite for cut flowers due to its strong 2 foot stems. Alaska has the largest flowers of the white, daisy flowered mums.

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