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The Best Pots for Starting Your Plants!
An exciting high-performing alternative to plastic and peat pots. CowPots™, manure-fiber based seed starter pots, are made by American farmers for plant lovers everywhere. These earth-friendly “pots you plant” are made with biodegradable, 100% renewable composted cow manure.

• Planted pots biodegrade fast
Roots easily penetrate CowPots
Healthier roots = stronger plants
Enriches garden soil, naturally

CowPots give seedlings a better beginning.

Tender, young roots easily penetrate the sides and bottoms of CowPots, growing freely... Healthier roots mean lifelong stronger plants.

CowPots are great for seedlings!
CowPots stay intact for up to 12 weeks – plenty of time to give seedlings a good, strong start.

CowPots break down fast in the ground.
Composted manure naturally biodegrades quickly, so at 3 to 4 weeks, decomposition is well underway.

CowPots give back to the planet!
Besides enriching your garden soil with the goodness of manure, CowPots are earth-friendly in even BIGGER ways!

By collecting and using manure to create a truly “green” product, Cowpots help farmers preserve clean, open spaces. Not only that, the ingenious dairy-farmers who invented CowPots also extract green-energy from the manufacturing process, using it to reduce their own farm’s carbon footprint. The manure in Cowpots is a renewable resource, unlike peat which is mined from bog eco-systems or plastic which is derived from finite fossil sources.

12 Cow Pots per Pack

Cow Pots