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Cover Crop Seed

Buckwheat Cover Crop
Buckwheat can help improve soil and be an effective choke weed.

Winter Rye Cover Crop
Prevents erosion, builds organic matter, and captures nutrients.

Annual Ryegrass Cover Crops
Thick roots help prevent erosion and return much need nutrients.

Cover Crops

Vegetable gardening can compromise soil health over time, and therefore limit productivity. Therefore, many vegetable growers want to overcome this barrier to success with cover crops to help maintain soil health. Some of the management goals for which gardeners use cover crops include:

* Suppressing weeds
* Protecting soil from rain or runoff
* Improving soil aggregate stability
* Reducing surface crusting
* Adding active organic matter to soil
* Breaking hardpan
* Fixing nitrogen
* Scavenging soil nitrogen
* Suppressing soil diseases and pests

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Winter Rye

Winter Rye
Prevents erosion,builds organic matter and captures nutrients for your garden.

Annual Ryegrass

Annual Ryegrass
Thick roots prevent erosion and return much needed nutrients.

Improves top soil and effectively chokes out weeds.
Crimson Clover

Crimson Clover
A great winter annual that protects soil and adds nitrogen.
White Clover

White Clover
A perennial cover that is great for insects and soil.
Egyptian Wheat Seed

Egyptian Wheat
A tall growing wheat that is great cover for game birds.
Austrian Winter Pea Seed

Austrian Winter Pea
A great cover crop that attracts wildlife and adds nitrogen to soil.
Alfalfa Cover Crop Seed
A great cover crop produces alot of organic matter in the soil.
Winter Wheat Cover Crop Seed
A winter hardy cover crop that organically adds nutrients to the soil.
Jerry Oats Cover Crop Seed
A great ground cover for anytime of the year.
Frontier Grazer Ryegrass Seed
Thick roots that help prevent erosion and return rich nutrients to the soil.
Barkant Forage Turnip Seeds
A great foraging crop for animals that provides high energy diet.
Dwarf Essex Rape Seed
A great cover crop that is related to the cabbage family.
Hairy Vetch Seed
A great cover crop for weed suppression and nitrogen gain to soil.
Flax Seed
A very nutritional seed that can be grown across the USA.
Deer Food Plot
Customize your own plot. Pick 3 deer attracting seed varieties.
Barley Seed
A disease resistant, great straw quality barley.