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Corn Seeds

Kany Korn Corn Seed
Kany Korn
A sugar enhanced yellow corn with crisp kernels!

Corn Seeds
Sugar Buns
Old time favorite corn with excellent sugar taste.

Silver Queen Corn Seeds
One of the sweetest and most tender corns ever developed!

Select Your Corn Type
This conventional corn offers a great variety of flavors. 

A great color mix of kernels blend together great for awesome taste.
Superb quality white kernels that are hard to top.

We offer corn that comes in a variety of colors and taste. Choose from different maturity dates to yellow, white, and bi-color corn types. Urban Farmer corn seeds and plants are guaranteed to grow and taste great.

Bulk Corn Varieties
Urban Farmer offers corn varieties that can be purchased in bulk for deeper discount. These corn varieties can be ordered in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 lbs corn amounts. Please visit the bulk corn department for available varieties.

All of our corn seeds are heirlooms or hybrid varieties. We do NOT knowingly have any Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) corn seeds. See our safe seed pledge! Some corn varieties may have a red powder on the outside to increase yield and protect from wet soil.

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Ambrosia Corn Seed

A plump, flavorful bi-color corn variety!
Bodacious Corn

A multipurpose corn great for home gardens.
Silver Queen Corn Seeds

Silver Queen
One of the sweetest and most tender corns ever developed.
Incredible Corn

Given its name for a reason this is a great eating corn.
Peaches and Cream Corn Seeds

Peaches and Cream
A productive corn variety with white and yellow kernels.
Serendipity Corn Seeds

(Best Seller)
The first triple sweet with fine yield potential.

Kandy Korn Corn

Kandy Korn
A long time favorite sugar enhance corn.
Sugar Buns

Sugar Buns
(Best Seller)
Hard to best this delicious treat. Early maturing.
Sweet G 90

Sweet G 90
A farm favorite that is reliable, rugged, and vigorous.
Ornamental Corn

Ornamental Large
A great corn that offers a wide array of colors.
White popcorn Corn

White Popcorn
A hyrbid corn that pops crisp and tender.

Golden Bantam Corn Seed

Early Golden Bantam
(Heirloom) Old time favorite for its consistency and proven flavor.
Honey Select Sweet Corn
A very sweet, tender, and fast maturing corn.
Strawberry Popcorn

Strawberry Popcorn - A delicious treat or beautiful decoration corn.
Butter and Sugar Corn

Butter and Sugar - A delicious home garden bi-color corn.
Jubilee Corn Seed

An old time favorite yellow hybrid with great flavor.
Silver King Corn Seed

Silver King
An early maturing, white corn with great sugar flavor.
Quickie Corn Seed

A very early maturing bi-color sugar enhanced corn.
Trucker Favorite White Corn Seed

Trucker Favorite White
A white heirloom dent corn with great longevity.
Hickory King Corn Seed

Hickory King
A 12 foot tall yellow dent corn great for grilling.
Reids Yellow Dent Corn Seed

Reid's Yellow Dent
Very popular open pollinated corn that produces high yields.
Trinity Corn Seed
An early planting and maturing bicolor great for cooler climates.
Iochief Corn Seed
An old and reliable yellow, SU sweet corn. Great for freezing.
Baby Corn Seed
Picked early and used for many oriental dishes and salads.