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Herbs Seeds and Plants

One of the most popular herbs, oregano can make any dish better!
A popular herb that is an essential element in Italian cuisine!

Lavendar Plant
Aromatic flowers and leaves. Perfect for potpurri and dried wreaths.

Best Herb Sellers

Lemon Basil
Lemon Basil
Organic - A delicious fragrant basil plant that offers great smelling leaves!

English Lavender
English Lavender
Improved seed - offers 30% more young plants and 80% minimum germination.

Greek OreganoGreek Oregano
A popular herb used for many Italian dishes. Has excellent flavor.

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Cilantro Seeds

Long Standing
Young leaves can be used for Mexican and Asian cooking.
Cilantro Slow Bolt

Slow Bolt
A slow bolting cilantro that is care free and heavy yielding.