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Bradley Tomatoes
Bradley Tomatoes
A popular tomato known for rich flavor and high yields.

Buttercrunch Lettuce
An old time favorite and AAS winner!

Early Jalapeno
Early Jalapeno
An organic, early producing pepper with great flavor and spice.

Why Cheap Seeds?

Every season, Urban Farmer estimates the amount of seed needed to fill projected orders and always buy just a little extra seed to make sure we have enough. From time to time, our seed shelves get over-filled, and that is when we are able to offer extra special savings to our seed buyers. Get your cheap seeds now!

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Peaches and Cream Corn Seeds

Peaches and Cream
A productive corn variety with white and yellow kernels.
Organic Calabrese Broccoli

(Organic) Broccoli that produces compact shoots over a long season.
Wando Pea

A very sweet pea that has been very popular.
Bradley Tomato Seeds

Bradley Tomato
Known for its rich flavor and high yields.
Organic Cherry Belle Radish

Cherry Belle
(Organic) An early maturing radish that is a garden staple.
Sugar Ann Pea Seeds

Sugar Ann
(Best Seller)
(Heirloom) AAS Award winning. Great for freezing.
Organic Contender Beans

(Organic) A productive bean that is widely adapted.
Organic Early Jalapeno Pepper

Early Jalapeno
(Organic) Early, continuous pepper production with great taste.
Purple Coneflowers

Purple Coneflower
This purple coneflower is a sturdy perennial that reseeds well.
Sweet Banana Pepper Seeds

Sweet Banana
Best Seller
(Heirloom) A great flavored, mild pepper that is very popular.

Tricolor Daisies

Painted Tricolor
(Best Seller)
Bushy annuals that produce plenty of daisies in early summer!
Marigold Crackerjack

Marigold Crackerjack
Large blooms on tall stems with vibrant colors.
Organic Muncher Cucumber

(Organic) A favorite low-acid cucumber with good yields.
Organic Sugar Baby Watermelon

Sugar Baby
(Organic) An excellent home garden variety watermelon with small seeds.
Anaheim Pepper Seeds

Anaheim Chili
(Heirloom) A meatier, mild chili pepper that has great flavor.
Black Eye

Black Eyed Susan
A beautiful, upright flower that grabs your eye.
Buttercrunch Lettuce

A highly popular lettuce and AAS winner.
Mammoth Sunflowers

(Best Seller)
A tall sunflower plant with massive flower heads.
Detroit Dark Red Beets

Detroit Dark Red
A fast maturing, great tasting beet!
Nebuka Onion Seeds

Nebuka Evergreen
No garden is complete without this green onion!
Scarlet Nantes Carrot Seeds

Scarlet Nantes
(Best Seller)
(Heirloom) A very popular variety of carrot that is a staple in home gardens.
Parlsey Seeds

Italian Parsley
(Organic) Flat, dark green leaves with pronounced flavor.
Basil Seeds

Italian Basil
(Best Seller)
(Organic) Great herb popular for pesto and other Italian dishes.
Iceburg Lettuce Seeds

(Heirloom) Easy to grow, slowest bolting crisphead.
Yellow Pear Tomatoes

Yellow Pear
(Heirloom) A great tasting tomato that grows fast with high yields.
Marglobe Tomato

Marglobe Supreme
Great tomato for home, markets, canning and shipping.
Silver Queen Corn Seeds

Silver Queen
One of the sweetest and most tender corns ever developed.
Brandywine Tomato

Best Seller
(Heirloom) Our favorite for taste. A+ tomato seeds.