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Bulk Bean Seeds

Blue Lake Beans
Blue Lake 247
A heavy yielding bean plant that is a home garden staple!

Tendergreen Improved Beans
Tendergreen Improved
A heavy yielding meaty bean that is widely adapted to most climates.

Slenderette Beans
Slow to become fibrous, so the quality is legendary.

Select Your Bean Type
Bush Green
These bean plants stand erect, yield well, and are care-free. 

These beans require some kind of support but have great flavor.
A distinctive flavor and loaded with vitamins and minerals.

These yellow beans are reliable and have high yield potential.

Urban Farmer bean seeds are guaranteed to grow and taste great! Select from the self-supporting and high yielding bush bean, the vining and great flavored pole bean, and the vitamin and mineral rich lima bean. Beans plants are easy to care for and bring high yields of rich protein seeds.

Bulk Bean Varieties
Urban Farmer offers bean varieties that can be purchased in bulk for deeper discount. These bulk bean varieties can be ordered in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 lbs, and 1 lbs bean amounts. Please visit the bulk bean department for available varieties.

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Contender Bean Seed

Best Seller
(Organic, Heirloom) A very productive bean that tolerates harsh conditions.
Kentucky Wonder Bean Seeds

Kentucky Wonder
(Heirloom) A bean that has been around for generations with great flavor.
Topcrop Beans

Best Seller
(Heirloom) A very heavy, concentrated set. Great for freezing and canning.
Slenderette Beans

Best Seller
Slow to become fibrous, so quality is legendary.