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Perennial Flower Seeds and Plants

Goldstrum Flowers
An old time favorite flower that is highly popular for landscaping!
Echinacea Plants
Echinacea Plants
A very beautiful perennial that is popular and reseeds well!

Shasta Daisies
Shasta Daisies
The classic daisy for cut flowers, sunny beds, and borders. 

Best Perennial Sellers

Blanket Flower
Blanket Flower
An very hardy, drought tolerant and extremely beautiful flower.

Gloriosa Daisy
Gloriosa Daisy
A flower burst forth in shades of brick red that turns to golden orange-yellow.

Shasta Daisy SeedsCrazy Daisy
The easy to grow plants are trouble free bloomers from mid to late summer.

Bee BalmBee Balm
A great cutting plant for center pieces that bloom from July to August.

Flower Food
This organic flower food will help develop lush foliage and colorful blooms.

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Baby's Breath Flower

Baby's Breath
An old time favorite that offers excellent ground cover.